Specialist or Generalist? Choosing the right copywriter for your business

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Choosing a copywriter is bit like choosing a new pair of trainers. You want the right kind for the job. If you are a sprinter, you’ll want spikes, if you are a dancer you’ll want split soles, if you are a fell-runner you’ll probably want something lightweight with a lot of chunky tread.

However, most of us are happy with a general, cross-training pair of shoes that are equally comfortable at the gym and on the tennis court.

In a similar way, if you work within a highly specialised field, for example pharmacology, and produce a lot of white papers, you will want to recruit a specialist copywriter with technical knowledge. Specialists will always have their place and are required for work within specific industries.

There are also specialists for specific genres of copywriting. It is possible to recruit a specialist sales writer, website content writer or feature article writer – all of these experts are available and have their niche.

For example, a large company may use a copywriting agency which houses all of these specialists, siphoning off work to the most appropriate one. The key here, is that the company is still effectively working with one business (the agency), so have someone with whom to maintain a consistent business relationship.

However, for most general business use, it is better to form a long-term relationship with a multi-skilled general copywriter you trust and with whom you can develop knowledge and understanding of each other’s working practices. Over time, this makes far more business sense than juggling several different writers on an ad hoc basis.

Building relationships

If you were seeking a new accountant at a networking event, would you opt for the award-winning stand-offish one with the high-end clients, or the one with whom you struck a rapport over coffee? Business is often far more about forming trusted partnerships than choosing the best “on paper”.

We opt for those we connect with, right? You can’t realistically maintain a long-term relationship with someone you don’t like. Inevitably, it will breakdown at some point and you will have to begin the search again.

It is far better to engage someone friendly and trusted who, despite not having the most illustrious portfolio, you actually enjoy working with. In the long term you grow together and achieve far more.


What can a general copywriter do?

Individuals will always have slightly different skillsets, however most copywriters will offer the following services. Find one with whom you connect, who listens, understands and “gets” you, and it will pay dividends:

  • Ebooks
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Marketing Materials
  • Advertising copy
  • Website Content
  • Press Releases
  • White papers
  • Academic Writing
  • Copy-editing and proofreading

Clean Slate Copywriting offers all of the above services. Contact me now for all your copywriting needs.

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