Corporate Training

Professional development in copywriting skills

Are you an organisation or professional seeking copywriting training?

I design bespoke learning programmes and deliver corporate training in writing technique, copywriting foundations and specialisms.

From filling gaps in grammar knowledge, to specialist workshops on specific forms of copy, I can create custom training courses in copywriting foundations, website copy, blogs, writing for social media, email, case studies and much more.

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2-hour specialist copywriting workshop

Who is this for?

Professionals who want to write high quality, effective and engaging copy by learning a specific form or technique in-depth.

How will it be delivered?

In-person or online. Bespoke topics, delivered in chunks of learning, with collaboration, interactive activities and a variety of learning styles.

Single-day copywriting course

Who is this for?

Marketers who regularly produce copy as part of their role, who want to write to a higher standard and become more effective in their copywriting tasks.

How will it be delivered?

In-person or online. Bespoke topics, delivered in chunks of learning with collaboration, interactive tasks and a variety of learning styles.

Intensive copywriting bootcamp - 3, 4 or 5 days.

Who is this for?

Marketers who need a thorough training in copywriting foundations AND multiple forms of copy. They want both the skills and the specialisms to deliver the majority of copywriting for their organisation.

How will it be delivered?

In-person or online. Delivered in chunks of learning with a variety of engaging tasks and personalised feedback.

Structured as per the single-day course, covering a single topic per half-day, with the addition of group writing sessions.

Feedback from my workshops and talks

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About Catherine

Before copywriting claimed me for a second career, I was taming the toughest teenagers in the land as a qualified teacher and manager of a unit for emotionally vulnerable Secondary-age students.

For over 20 years, I’ve honed my skills in teaching, studying and crafting the finer points of the English language. Whether as an Ofsted “Outstanding” English teacher, GCSE English examiner, or more recently as a professional freelance copywriter and trainer.

From foundations to fluency, I’m here to empower professionals to write compelling words for businesses – through engaging, dynamic workshops and events.

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